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Welcome to Sheilapedia

Welcome to Sheilapedia, a fun place where you can explore further legends, myths, sources and readings that didn't make it into the episodes, and contribute by adding your own Sheila.

If you're interested in learning more about real stories behind the history-making women featured in the Sheilas webseries, this is the place to start. Have a browse of the profiles on spy extraordinaire Nancy Wake, Olympic swimmer Fanny Durack, badass bushranger Mary Ann Bugg, and the glass ceiling (and glass schooner) smasher Merle Thornton.

Know of a great Aussie sheila whose story has yet to be told? Well just like Wikipedia, Sheilapedia is free for anyone to contribute to, so why not make a page for a sheila you think deserves to go down in the pages of history? Who knows, if your story strikes a chord, your sheila may even feature in the next series!